Unemployment in India is not a Problem for You | Check Why ?

As the General election 2019 is approaching unemployment in India has again started making its rounds in the newsroom discussions and political rallies. Although everywhere the matter of unemployment is just used as propaganda to increase vote share, we will take a closer look at the stats and try to understand the current situation.

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate has been on a two year high since 2016.

As compared to 5.9 percent in February 2018, for the same month in 2019 the unemployment rate has taken a new high of 7.2 percent after being 7.1 percent in January 2019.

This continuous decrease in employment rate is a sign of a deep-rooted problem in India’s labour markets. Even when the labour participation is falling gradually from 43.2 percent in January to 42.7 percent in February, due to lesser jobs in the market unemployment is still increasing.

According to CMIE, people above the working age i.e above 15 years of age who are currently working or are actively looking for a job comprises of the working population. Fall in labour participation means that the working age population is not willing to work.

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The problem?

If we check on some numbers given by CMIE, approximately 31 million unemployed Indians look for a job irrespective of their professional background and the jobs created in a year in government and private sector is almost 10 million.

The gap is significantly huge and employment opportunities are significantly less. Our government and authorities are just completely failing in their objective of generating employment.

One harsh truth is that the policies and schemes introduced by the current government are more focused on giving subsidized services to poor people rather than providing them with a quality education.

We as the youth of India need to think of how can we solve the problem of unemployment, first for ourselves and then for others.

Here is a premier outlook on some untraditional methods to earn money and get self-employed.

Work Freelance– There must be something you can do for people, to earn money you need to provide value and working freelance on your own terms is a wonderful option.

Sell your Knowledge– Knowledge is everything. It can only be passed to others. Why not spread knowledge. Becoming a tuition teacher or teaching online to students is a great idea.

Turn your passion into your profession – Many people during their school and college days do something which they think are not a good career option. With the advent of online markets and reach people are becoming open to the idea of buying services from local people with whom they can connect.

We will be talking in detail about other untraditional methods of earning an income and curbing out the problem of unemployment form our country. It is a slow process but if we start now then only we can see some results in the upcoming years.

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