Joint Military Exercises of Indian Army


Indian armed forces are the 4th most powerful Military of the world. In terms of both quantity & quality of weapons and humans we always stay ahead. in order to maintain this ranking we need to constantly engage in regular training regimes and exercises.

For this purpose, to better themselves every day Militaries all around the world engage in these joint exercises. Here we have compiled all the major exercises from the exam point of view. Both the UPSC and Selection centres have been known to ask a question on the following. It is highly recommended you go through them and remember them.

Exercise Country Arm
Austrahind Australia Army
Sampriti Bangladesh Army
Shakti France Army
Prabaldostyk Kazakhstan Army
Hand in Hand China Army
Garuda Shakti Indonesia Army
Ekuverin Maldives Army
Nomadic Elephant Mongolia Army
Khan quest Mongolia Army
Al nagah Oman Army
Surya Kiran Nepal Army
Khanjar krygzstan Army
Ajeya Warrior United kingdom Army
Indra Russia Army
Mitra Shakti Sri lanka Army
Yudhabhyas USA Army
Maitree Thailand Army
Agni Warrior Singapore Army

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