How to prepare for a corporate interview?


How to Ace a corporate interview or any interview for that matter?

Just after completing your graduation, the next thing you have to face is an interview in a corporate setup. Many students take a lot of stress while preparing for an interview.

So, with the help of this article, I will try to highlight all the main points which one has to keep in mind to prepare for a corporate interview. These points also apply for any other kind of interviews you give.

Without wasting any more lines, let’s start.

1.Study about the organization.

By study, I am not saying to mug up all the information about the company, but at least know the people in top positions and about the product or services they offer.

For this, you can visit the website of the company or connect to people already working there via Linkedin. Also, research about the job role for which you are applying, this will help you to align your strengths and weaknesses accordingly.

  2.  Study about yourselves

After you have learnt about the company and job role offered, now you have to check what are the qualities which align or match with the company’s outlook or with the job.

There are a certain set of qualifications and qualities which every company wants from an employee relative to the job they are offering. So, if you want to grab that offer you need to jot down all those qualities which will work in your favour i.e your strengths and some of your those weaknesses which do not come in your way even if you told them to your interviewer.

   3.  Prepare your answers

It is not as easy to give answers confidently while in that interview room. You should be able to answer not all but most of the questions confidently and smoothly. Mostly they ask about you and your education or from your work ex.  

It is necessary to write down your responses to some of the most common HR questions so that you are not boggled up when they try to test you on that. Everybody knows about his/her work or education but when a question comes like How do you imagine yourself 10 years down the line? Then people get stuck because they have not thought about it already.

     4. Your Attire and Documents

Plan what to wear beforehand. It is recommended that you plan your interview attire 3-4 days before and get it properly washed and ironed.

The first thing which your interviewer sees about you is your dress and how you carry it.

For men, it is usually a well fitted formal suit and for women, it can be a formal suit or any formal dress with simple colours.

Also, prepare your documents well in advance, make a clean folder to carry your documents.

Carry originals in a separate folder. You don’t want to give an impression of clumsiness or carelessness by forgetting anything.

   5. Non-verbal Psychology

It is not only the words that you speak which make an impression, your body also gives out signals about your personality too. You need to work on these signals and try to execute them in a proper way. Some non-verbal cues which can be picked up by your interviewer are as follows

  • Show confidence.
  • Always smile (not laugh)
  • Be mindful and attentive.
  • Mind your posture.
  • Don’t react aggressively.
  • Be courteous  
  • Don’t play with your hair or unnecessarily tap your feet.

These are some point which you must keep in mind while preparing for a job interview irrespective of a corporate job or not. This will help you in any kind of situation.

Keep yourself ready about yourselves, don’t panic about questions which you can’t answer because at the end of the day we all are human beings and we don’t know it all.

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